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A Purdue University EPICS team specializing in the design and construction of science and engineering exhibits for local children's museums


About Us

We design and build interactive exhibits for local children's museums using technologies that would invoke their curiosity in science. We are currently working on four different projects:

Mars Rover Mock Mars Rover and enclosure for kids to interact with and complete missions

Satellite Scramble - A game in which children rotate satellites in order to pass a signal across a planet

Starship Simulator - An interactive exhibit in which kids can learn what it's like being an astronaut

Mag Racers - Uses magnetic race cars to show children basic principles of electromagnetic forces


Project Partners and Sponsors


Our main project partner is Imagination Station. The mission of Imagination Station is to promote Science, Technology, and Mathematics amongst early age students (elementary school and younger). EPICS IS has supported this effort by delivering many exhibits to Imagination Station in the last 20 years. We are pleased to have this partnership with Imagination Station.


Our Projects

Mars Rover

The Mars Rover team is designing a mock Mars Rover project for kids to control. Our goal is to interest children in STEM, space, and robotics at a young age by showing them what a day at NASA might be like using interactive Mars Rover missions. The team is currently split into two subteams: Alpha and Beta. The Alpha team is working on and improving the already delivered rover. The Beta team is working on the successor of the Alpha rover, which will have improved functionality including a movable camera arm and missions for the kids to carry out. This team is currently seeking artistically-inclined individuals for painting the exhibit for the Spring 2021 semester. Contact the project leader at the bottom of the page if you are interested.

Satellite Scramble

Satellite Scramble (formerly Laser Maze) is a timed game that requires the user to turn mirrors to reflect a laser. The objective is to get the laser to the end and contact a sensor. Currently, the team is working on cleaning up the appearance and optimizing the code for the motors. The goal of this project is to have fun pretending to be engineers and educate them about satellites and deep space communications using updated mirror mounts.

Starship Simulator

The Starship Simulator is a children's science exhibit with the objective of creating a role-learning game experience as an astronaut. It will seek to create an identity-forming experience for the children. The project is currently in early development.

Mag Racers

The Mag Racer exhibit is a children's science exhibit with the objective of teaching children about basic principles of electromagnetic forces. The exhibit uses magnets controlled by the children to move race cars through the exhibit. It was previously delivered to Imagination Station, but sent back due to wear over time. The Mag Racer exhibit was brought out of storage in Fall 2019 and is being repaired this semester. It will be returned to Imagination Station in Spring 2020. 

Contact Us


For questions about Mag Racer, please email Yi-Chen Chiang at

For questions about Mars Rover, please email Erin Greising at

For questions about Satellite Scramble, please email Szczesny Lipinski at

For questions about Starship Simulator, please email either Hanna Keyerleber


at or Erin McDonnell at

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